Social Solutions with Social Impact.

A Udicci BRAND.

Social Solutions

Social Solutions are means of grouping engagements for the sake of filtering. They provide a collection of media and interactivities which collaborate to solve a social need via a web-based user interface, aka a social platform.

Data Mediation

To Mediate is to act between parties to effect an agreement, compromise, reconciliation, etc. To act as an intermediary between two entities. Data mediation is to effectuate the sharing of data between two (or more) entities based upon mutual agreements and permission; called data provisions.

Social Platform

Manage all of your data from one platform, and engage with others to collaborate on projects or even share stories with family. Notifications can be tailored to your desire, keeping your day more structured and less stressful. The platform gives you the ability to control who has access to (seeing, editing and even downloading) your data.

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Udicci is rebooting

The Udicci platform is undergoing some major overhaul work, and we decided to take down our sites and execute a re-boot of our entire business. During this time, we have gained a lot of knowledge which is being applied both in our business and in our platform. Rest assured, we are coming back signficantly stronger with our humbled minds in check. It is an exciting time to be Udicci.


Rochester, NY